Sunday, June 14, 2009

Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild Conference Day 3

Another jam packed day started out with a fabulous seminar on Colorants by Lori Nova. We will all color with confidence now! Dr. Kevin Dunn discussed Cold Process Kinetics which always excite me. Kevin was generous to give us the link to his pdf for more information on time and temperature in cold process soapmaking David Steinberg made sure we all make safe products by discussing preservatives. Lela Barker talked about Exporting & International Distributors, while Marla Bosworth stressed the importance of Differentiating Yourself because there are over 15 thousand soapmakers in the US! Kayla Fioravanti told us all not to panic, and How to Thrive in a Sluggish Economy. We got to socialize over cocktails on the Mediterranean Lawn before a wonderful Gala Awards Dinner. Next year's Conference will be in Denver!

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  1. Thanks Anita for including me in your photos. I loved all the info we received. Hope to see you in Denver!